Email FAQ

What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?
You should use (substituting for the domain name the email account is hosted on) for both incoming and outgoing mail servers.

What should my account/username be?
You must write this as (e.g. including the domain part). Just putting the bit before the @ as the account will not work.

Help! I can't send mail!
You must turn outgoing mail authentication on. To do this in Outlook Express, choose Accounts from the Tools menu, then select your account and click the Properties button. On the Servers tab, make sure the "My server requires authentication" box is checked in the "Outgoing Mail Server" box.

Help! I still can't send mail!
Chances are your Internet Service Provider is using Port 25 blocking, which prevents you from using any out-going mail server other than their own. If this is the case, you need to use their outgoing mail server to send your email. You need to contact your ISP if you do not have the details for this.

What is the difference between an alias and a forwarder?
An alias is where one address at a particular domain name is actually an alias for another address at that domain name. A forward allows you to forward mail for a particular address to an address at another domain name.

What is a mail domain alias?
If you have aliased two domain names, e.g. and, you may want all email sent to to go to the inboxes you've set up for You use a mail domain alias to achieve this. This is not the same as a normal mail alias.